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A New Look, with an Emphasis
on Ideas

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AED File Photo. Stephen F. Moseley.

Stephen F. Moseley, President and Chief Executive Officer

Since AED was founded nearly 50 years ago, it has evolved from a small organization focused solely on U.S. education, to a global leader in health, social, and economic development, as well as education.

Developing and implementing good ideas that make a difference in people’s lives has always been a constant, and now we’ve put it front and center. We’ve updated our visual identity and renamed this publication to reflect our emphasis on ideas—ideas that work.

Since people are at the heart of AED’s activities, our new logo mark illustrates that. Our tagline, Ideas Changing Lives, speaks to the value we place on encouraging, generating, and sharing ideas that create lasting solutions to critical social problems and change lives for the better.

To further acknowledge our growth and diversity—with 3,000 employees serving people in more than 150 countries—we are identifying ourselves as AED, rather than by our full name. As we move toward our 50th anniversary in 2011, what hasn’t changed is our focus on quality, our belief that partnership on every level is the only way to effect sustainable change, and our commitment to strengthening human capacity—which is the focus of our inaugural issue of ideas:.

The stories in this issue of ideas: illustrate the many different ways AED is strengthening human capacity.

Whether we are honing the skills of health care workers to treat malnutrition, preparing middle school administrators for greater responsibility, or partnering with leaders in government agencies to make their systems more effective, our goal is to help people become more proficient and productive.


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Stephen F. Moseley
President and Chief Executive Officer


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